SLIM & KRYSTAL, Video 15 min, 2018 - Please use headphones :)

Slim & Krystal is a satisfying meditation - a way of experiencing worlds within worlds.

Slim & Krystal is the title of a co-lab between artist and film director Sidse Carstens, musician and composer Nils Gröndahl and artist Rose Eken. Slim & Krystal examines frisson and the texture of materials and sounds through performance, objects, music and video. 

MØRKETS MAGI 3:10 min Video 2016

The project was launched by DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation P1 Classic-  and the video was produced with photos sent from radio listeners, all over Denmark. Music by Den Sorte Skole

More info about the project - only in Danish

FØRST SENERE  - video 2016 - short version- original work 26 min.

Co-lab with author Josefine Klougart and composer Christoffer Møller


ELECTRIC DREAMS - Video 5 min 2017

Video installation during night at art space Hawaii, Copenhagen


Party, performance and installation by Salon Valerie Galner, Sidse Carstens and Katrine Grünfeld

CONTACT - Video 8:05 min 2012

The fifth of August 2012 was the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. The anniversary was commemorated in the exhibition Mirror Mirror at The Black Diamond, Copenhagen. In the video CONTACT, Sidse Carstens worked with a clairvoyant trying to get in contact with the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.